Nine Reasons Why This Video of A Cat Swimming and a Reporter Laughing is Amazing

Here at Stories For Sundays we support cats.

Months ago, I wrote an article explaining why we can love cats and dogs. We don’t have to choose.

In Clark’s recent Power Rankings of every person, food, animal and story on the planet Earth, he ranked Cats number three overall, which might have been a little high in the grand scheme of things (sloths are making a big surge in popularity), but nonetheless, felines can be very funny and entertaining.

And today’s proof comes from this video below of a news anchor trying to report a story about a cat swimming with a life jacket on and the reporter can’t stop laughing. Honestly, there is nothing that I can think of that is more worthy of 41 seconds of your time. And I am totally prepared with nine reasons to back that claim up.

First things first, here’s the video:

Now,  nine reasons why this video is amazing:

1.)  The fact that the the description of the video includes a sentence that ends with “even though at certain points her mirth overwhelms her so much, she’s incomprehensible.”

That’s quite the vocabulary from someone with the username SasaSSaSSas. You really have to applaud the grammatical aptitude showcased here. Keep in mind, this is YouTube where poor grammer is more common than Harlem Shake videos. In fact, one of the comments below the description simply states “dafuq did i just hear.”

2.) The fact that it features a cat in a life jacket.

3.) The look of fear on the cat’s face at this exact moment. 

4.) The fact that the cat reportedly “dislikes the outdoors and other physical activities” which somehow justifies dropping it in a swimming pool. You know who else dislikes the outdoors and other physical activities? Every boy under 13 years old glued to his Xbox or PS3, but I push one fat kid in a pool and I’m treated like a bad guy.

5.) More importantly the way that “physical activities” is said at this moment.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to have to hold in a laugh at an inappropriate time, but wow. I think that’s what SasaSSaSSas was talking about with the whole incomprehensible mirth thing.

Also, if accusing women of being witches were still a thing, this lady definitely would have been accused of being a witch because it sounds like she just put a curse on physical activity.

6.) The fact that the station somehow thought that this clip of the wet, traumatized and physically imbalanced cat attempting to walk towards the camera was so crucial to the story that they decided to play it consecutively on repeat.

7.) The sentence “Holly has managed to lose one pound in six months.”

8.) The fact that the anchor lady looks like a little bit like the cat.

9.) The fact that the Virginia lottery numbers are posted immediately after the story, which means that there’s a decent chance that someone watched that video of a cat dog-paddling in a life jacket while a woman laughed hysterically and only seconds later said the words, “Holy shit, I won the lottery.”


I’d like to think I just convinced you that this video is better than 960 of the 995 Harlem Shake videos out there.

So yeah, I’d say it’s been a pretty productive day.

-Jonny Auping

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