This Will Get You Really Excited About March Madness

This is my favorite time of year.

I love college basketball. And I love the college basketball postseason play. I love the conference tournaments and I love the NCAA Tournament. I’m so irrationally excited that I’m unable to explain my love for March Madness in a clear and succinct form of writing.

This year my alma mater, Saint Louis University AKA the most likable/inspiring/exciting/dominating team in college basketball, has a real chance to make some noise in the tournament so I’m all the more excited. Not to mention that I just finished doing a whole bunch of freelance writing on the NCAA Tournament. That process did two things: left me incredibly anxious for the tournament to start and gave me some serious writing fatigue.

So instead of writing a ton about college basketball, I’ll provide you with some videos that if you are college basketball fan, should get you just as excited for the coming weeks as I am.

Couple great things about this video:

-This was in the Big East Championship game. Kemba Walker carried this momentum over the next couple weeks all the way to a National Championship.

-Hearing the words screamed “CARDIAC KEMBA DOES IT AGAIN!!!!!!”

-Jim Calhoun showed a brief moment of relatable emotion instead of his typical old man snark.

-No one is sure whether or not Gary McGhee has ever gotten up after being crossed over by Walker

I grew up rooting for North Carolina. But my rooting interest in the Tar Heels became secondary to my hatred for their arch rival the Duke Blue Devils. And who did I hate most of all Duke Blue Devils? JJ Redick.

There are not many athletes that I claim to hate, but I had an irrationally strong hatred for Redick.

Not long ago I had the opportunity to be in the Orlando Magic locker room while Redick still played for the Magic. I was around him while he talked to the media. And guess what? He was kind of an asshole. He came across as smug, cocky and impatient.

So thank you JJ, for justifying a nearly nine year hatred of you. You can have your highlight of your insanely long 3-pointer against Miami. I still dislike you.

If this happened between these two teams in any other setting you would probably care for about 10 seconds. But it happened in the NCAA Tournament with a trip to the Sweet 16 on the line. And it was one of the biggest heart breaks that the thousands (dare I say millions?) of Western Kentucky fans all over the world.

Listen Chicago Bulls fans, I know you love Derrick Rose. And I’ll admit, he’s pretty good. BUT Rose did miss a free throw that would have clinched a national championship. Then MARIO Chalmers came down and hit a clutch three pointer to send it into overtime. Then Kansas went on to win the game and cement their spot in history.

Then a couple years later MARIO Chalmers’ Miami Heat defeated the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals. The following year MARIO Chalmers’ Miami Heat won an NBA championship.

For those of you keeping count, that’s one national championship for MARIO Chalmers and zero for Derrick Rose and one NBA Championship for MARIO Chalmers and zero for Derrick Rose.

The lesson: The Chicago Bulls should have drafted MARIO Chalmers with the first overall pick…or something.

Remember when I said I was a North Carolina fan growing up? Well, that started to fade away when I saw this clip for the first time. I decided to not attend that school because of this embarrassing moment. It definitely had nothing to do with the difficult admissions requirements.

That might have seemed like a long Youtube clip, but the actual game was about 3 and a half hours. It went into six overtimes.


-Kemba Walker avenged this loss the next year by winning the Big East Tournament and the National Championship.

-Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet went on to become two huge NBA busts.

-Eric Devendorf went on to be cast as a street dealer in the television remake of The Wire

*One of those might not be true.

Neither of these teams will make the NCAA tournament this year. But at least Texas can go back and watch this clip.

Michigan lost the Big 10 regular season title to a buzzer beater last Sunday as well. That’s a lot of tough losses to deal with. Also, Chris Webber cost them the National Championship back in 1994. Sorry Wolverine fans.

Why is this in here, you may ask? Because Clark went to Mizzou, and he can edit any blog post he wants to.


That wasn’t really an article. It was more of just me searching the internet looking for more reasons to be excited about March Madness.

If the Saint Louis Billikens are a part of a winning highlight as memorable as these then I will be the happiest person on the planet. If they are on the wrong end of a highlight like these then I wouldn’t recommend talking to me for 2-3 months.

-Jonny Auping

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