Lil’ Flip, Marijuana Celebrations and Dog Shootings

***Disclaimer: Shootings and other crisises of that nature are terrifying. I understand that and don’t mean to make light of problems that are greater than this specific incident. However, this specific incident involved Lil’ Flip and there were no deaths. And after so much gloom in the world we need to show we can still laugh. This is how we fight back from all the misfortune out there. By making fun of Lil’ Flip.


Last Saturday there was an attack on some of the most peaceful people that this world has to offer. There was an attack on men and women (and animal) that were high on marijuana. In Denver, Colorado on April 20th, those trying to just catch a good vibe, were just as likely to catch a stray bullet instead.

But as you can see from the picture above, the giant joint burns on, and so shall the people of Colorado.

Here are the quick facts: On April 20th, more commonly known as 4/20, an unofficial holiday for pot smokers everywhere, the city of Denver held an event celebrating the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. The event, held at the Civic Center, included a performance by rapper Lil’ Flip. Eventually the outdoor event turned chaotic when shots were fired and three people were injured while the other 20,000 in attendance fled the scene in panic.

There’s a lot to talk about in this story. Let’s start with the concert planning.

I get that Denver likes to smoke weed and that they wanted to make this event available to everyone, but was holding a Lil’ Flip concert outdoors at the Civic Center really a great idea? Isn’t the Civic Center supposed to be where they hold “Shakespeare in the Park” concerts and jazz festivals?

If you have forgotten, Lil’ Flip is the man behind “This is the way we ball,” which has been stuck in my head since the seventh grade. (See below).

The booking of Lil’ Flip also sounds like classic pothead planning. By my calculations, Lil Flip was last culturally relevant in 2004. My guess is that the plan was to book Wiz Khalifa or Kid Cudi (both prominent weed smokers) for the show, but the event planners “totally spaced” until a couple days before the event. At that time, Lil’ Flip was the only one available.

Now on to the scary part of the event.

HipHopDX states in their article that “two people are reported to have been shot, along with a pet dog.” Somehow, shooting a pet dog takes this incident up to another level. Why shoot a dog? If there were beef between a couple people and guns were drawn that would at least make some sense. It wouldn’t justify pulling the trigger, but there would at least be some sort of explanation. But you have to bend over, point a gun down and aim to shoot at a dog. It’s incredibly senseless.

I have to admit that after reading that sentence I did stop to think about the fact that history has shown police officers to not be the biggest fans of Lil’ Flip (there were arrest warrants for him for skipping court DAYS EARLIER!!!), hip hop in general, and stoned out hippies. That started to make me skeptical. What if cops were just trying to use this event to get Lil’ Flip in custody and were willing to ruin this smoke-filled holiday and endanger both human and animal?

I pictured something along the lines of this clip from Chappelle’s Show (language and fake violence, not for everybody):

After giving it some thought, I decided to give the Denver Police Force more credit than that.

The Denver Police are speculating that the incident might be gang related, perhaps a disagreement between two rival gang members attending the event. In total, two people were shot in the leg and another was grazed with a bullet. In retrospect, it probably could have been much worse. The picture below shows just how well attended the event was.

There is no doubt that this was much more attended than the birthday party Lil’ Flip performed at in a Houston bowling alley last week so working crowd control must have been extremely difficult for him.

Below is a picture of sadness and terror.


There’s no word on whether or not this man, Shawn East, is the one that was grazed with the bullet, but we can all do one thing regardless: appreciate his “Los Angeles Bakers” t-shirt. You can try to break our spirit, but you will never stop our puns.

But through all of this, there was victory. There was triumph. There was perseverance. There was even a happy ending…


That’s right. What you see above is a picture of the dog that was shot. He not only survived the wound, but he was up walking the very same day. A symbol of hope.

Smoke on Denver.

“Swangas on my whizzeel, platinum in my grizzeel,

Me and Dobie D stay blowing on some kizzeel,

I’m higher than a hizzeel, mind on a mizzeel,

Southside of H-town show me how you fizzeel”

                                       -Lil’ Flip

-Jonny Auping

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