Tuesdays With 2 Chainz: Burning Down a Fall Out Boy Video

“Tuesdays With 2 Chainz” is a recuring feature in which the author takes a moment to discuss what is new in the life of rapper 2 Chainz or bless the public with assorted bits of 2 Chainz trivia. 

Last week I discussed 2 Chainz’ on-screen performance in the show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. You probably thought that’s about as random of a venue for 2 Chainz to appear in, but you might actually be wrong. Just a few months ago 2 Chainz was in a Fall out Boy music video. 

I know you might be thinking “well, a lot of musicians cross genres and rappers collaborate with rock bands, country musicians, etc. It’s not that weird.” But let me clarify, 2 Chainz was not in a Fall Out Boy song he was only in the video. 

Fall Out Boy released a song off of their new album called “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark,” you know, because who doesn’t love songs with nine-word titles? The video, however, doesn’t feature the members of Fall Out Boy at all. Instead it features 2 Chainz. The video simply consists of 2 Chainz and two attractive women burning shit for three minutes. 

Here’s the video:

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “I wonder how long someone can watch 2 Chainz setting things on fire without getting distracted” then this video only partly answers that question. We do know that I personally can watch longer than three minutes and eight seconds. My guess is I would wane interest around five minutes and 45 seconds, give or take. 

Here’s how I assume this project was pitched to 2 Chainz:

Manager: So we wanted to put you in a music video?

2 Chainz: What will I be doing?

Manager: You’ll be burning all the musical equipment of Fall Out Boy.

2Chainz: What’s a Fall Out Boy?

Manager: They’re a band that plays punk rock for the radio.

…Manager plays 2 Chainz a Fall Out Boy song…

2 Chainz: Wow, that’s terrible. If the money is right, I’ll burn that shit for sure.

Manager: You get to handle a flamethrower.

2 Chainz: I’m in. But last question, whose video am I doing this for? Someone that hates Fall Out Boy?

Manager: No, this is for a Fall Out Boy video. 

2 Chainz: Even I think this is weird. 

And thus the video was born.

Because I own a computer, I think I am well qualified to be a critic of music videos. So here are what I believe to be the hits and misses of the video:

Things that were good about the video:

-2 Chainz is in it. 

Things that were bad about this video:

-The music

-The fact that 2 Chainz didn’t do his patent introduction of saying his name in a cool way as we see him approaching the scene. I can’t stress this enough. Those two syllables would have made the video 37 percent better. 

-This awkward embrace by the two girls after throwing a bunch of stuff in the fire.

-The fact that 2 Chainz is only wearing one chain in the video. 


Next week we’ll be discussing 2 Chainz switch from the name Tity Boi to the name 2 Chainz. 

Jonny Auping

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