Guest Stars in Arrested Development

Like most people that enjoy laughing, I’m a big fan of the show Arrested Development. And like most fans of the show I was extremely excited and anxious for the long awaited season four to come out on Netflix. Because I was so excited for the season to debut, I decided upon two things to prevent disappointment:

  1. I wasn’t going to binge watch the season all at once. I wanted to spread them out so that it would at least last me a few weeks. The season debuted last Sunday and I’m currently six episodes in.
  2. I wasn’t going to read any reviews for the season and I was going to try to reserve judgement until I was completely done with the season. Whenever anything is hyped this much people will wait in line to tell you how much of  a huge disappointment it is.

So instead of reviewing the series, I decided I would do something else. The original show was so well liked that it was seemingly pretty easy for the creators to get popular actors to have guest spots in the new season, which is fun for everybody.

So here are some of the notable guest stars in the first six episodes of season four of Arrested Development:

*Note: Some of these people don’t really qualify as stars, rather they are just actors playing a role that they might have actually needed, but because I found them funny in this and other works I’ll give them the benefit of being called guest stars. Also, some of them will be listed by their actual name and some will just be listed as the character name I remember them most from.

**There won’t be any spoilers in this article. Unless you consider hearing that a certain actor is in the show a spoiler, which it isn’t. Don’t be sensitive.

Roger Sterling from Mad Men:

Remember when Roger was tripping on acid in Mad Men and totally lost his shit and became the happiest guy in the world? Well, that version of Roger Sterling is in this season of Arrested Development.

Seth Rogan:

Seth Rogan plays a young version of George Sr. There’s no reason for Seth Rogan to be playing a young version of George Sr., but no one is complaining.

Kristen Wiig:

Wiig plays a young version of Lucile Bluth. This couldn’t be more perfect. No one could pull of a Dr. Seuss-esqe monologue about ruining Cinco De Mayo for Mexicans quite like Kristen Wiig. 

Gail the Snail from Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Her real name is Mary Lynn Rajskub and she’s had plenty of different roles but I will always remember her for this:

I can tell you right now, she has way more lines as Gail the Snail than she does in the fourth season of Arrested Development, yet she is in way more episodes of Arrested Development than she is in Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaIf that makes sense.

All Three Workaholics:

All three of these guys are in the same scene together. The scene is less than two minutes, but it’s hilarious. Keep in mind the last time Arrested Development was on the air all three of these guys were dead broke and filming funny videos in their backyards. 

Ed Helms:

It’s almost like Ed Helms agreed to be on the fourth season od Arrested Development as an apology to us for how horrible the last two Hangover movies have been. 

Ron Howard:

Ron Howard was the director of  Cinderella Man, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, and The Da Vinci Code. More importantly, he is the narrator and executive producer of Arrested Development. He plays himself in the fourth season. 

Producer and Howard’s business partner Brian Glazer is also in the fourth season, but we mostly just see his feet and he doesn’t have a hot illegitimate daughter in the show. 

Isla Fisher:

Isla Fisher is pretty gorgeous. She plays the bag pipes in Arrested Development.

Jim Halpert:

If you thought I was going to take the time to Google how to spell John Krasknziisisi…You were wrong. 

Andy Richter:

This show really wants us to believe that there are a lot of identical twins out there with extremely different personalities than their brothers. Richter is an example of that. 

Conan O’Brien:

Andy Richter isn’t allowed to be in projects without Conan O’Brien.


This is only six episodes deep. I still haven’t decided where I rank this season, but I don’t mind all these guest spots. 

Jonny Auping

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