The Most Not-Summer Playlist Ever

Summer is great…For those nine (maybe) combined days when you are on vacation, hopefully at a beach with some friends reenacting a Bud Light Lime commercial or just doing something relaxing like reading a book in a hammock. 

And during those days you should have a sweet summer playlist to listen to with Daft Punk and Schwayze songs that don’t really reflect your life at all (even on these moments of vacation), but make you feel good about all the summer vibes you’re catching. Find Your Beach. Grab a Bud. Live Mas. Etc.

But the other parts of summer that aren’t in the commercials are the times when you are at work, or in summer school or sweating profusely after the 14-foot walk to your car. Have you ever been grocery shopping during the summer? Of course you have. I’m not talking “pick up some limes for the Coronas we’re about to kill before the Tom Petty concert.” I’m talking “I’m all out of those TV dinner’s that I usually bring to work for lunch.” People who have to bring in the shopping carts from grocery stores in the middle of the summer should be paid a minimum of $100 an hour. 

So while everyone is telling you about the cool summer playlist that you know will only make you furious that you are stuck doing whatever you are doing, I decided to provide you with a playlist that was probably more fitting for the 80 percent of the summer when you are just trying to get by. 

Sister Hazel: “Your Winter”:

The song has the word winter in it. 

It also has the lyrics “If I hurt you then I hate myself. I don’t want to hate myself. I don’t want to hurt you. Why do you choose your pain? If you only knew how much I loved you.”

But somehow Sister Hazel actually makes those words pretty damn catchy.

Daniel Powter: “Bad Day”: 

Before listening to this song be prepared to spend the rest of the day singing “So you had a bad day. Bababa ba, something something, doo dew to do dew. You had a bad day.”

Green Day: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”: 

If you take that same boulevard every day on your way to work then you probably need this playlist pretty badly. 

Goo Goo Dolls: “Iris”:

The world just doesn’t understand. Am I right?

Every Adele Song Ever:

Listen to enough Adele songs indoors and you might actually forget the sun exists. 

Creed: “My Sacrifice”: 

I usually get pretty jazzed when a Creed song sneaks its way into my eardrums, but this one is better suited for personal reflection and deep mediation over why Creed is so amazing.  

Eminem: “Stan”:

“Alright, song’s over. Wanna go hit up the bars?”

“Actually, I kind of want to call all the people I was mean to when I was younger and apologize to them. 

“Yeah, but you’re not actually going to do that…so can we just go to the bars?


Matchbox 20: “3 AM”:

It’s a proven fact that if you listen to the right Goo Goo Dolls, Sister Hazel and Matchbox 20 songs at the same time you’ll immediately need a hug…right after you pause your discman.

Pearl Jam: “Last Kiss”:

If it weren’t for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I’m not sure we would have smiled once in the nineties.

Rihanna: “Stay”:

Listen to this song and 10 seconds later try to tell me how it goes? 

Seriously, can you sing any of it? Besides “Round and around and around and around…”

The song is completely mesmerizing without being catchy at all. 


So these are the songs to listen to when summer feels like that season where it’s 100 degrees and you’re jealous of every little kid everywhere. 

Jonny Auping

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