Tuesdays With 2 Chainz: Netflix

“Tuesdays With 2 Chainz” is a recuring feature in which the author takes a moment to discuss what is new in the life of rapper 2 Chainz or bless the public with assorted bits of 2 Chainz trivia.

Things 2 Chainz did this week:

  • -Performed at the MTV Video Music Awards and somehow didn’t even come close to being the most insane person in the performance. 
  • -Release a single off of his upcoming album called “Netflix.”

“Netflix” is a collaboration between 2 Chainz and Fergie or, as I like to call them, the Sonny and Cher of below average hip hop. 

The opening lyric of the song is “I smoked a blunt for dinner, another blunt for breakfast.” Obviously, he must have had a ton of protein for lunch to be able to maintain that kind of diet. Also, most people list their meals in chronological order, but whatever. 

Fergie has an entire verse on the song and literally none of the words rhyme. I understand sometimes words just have to sound somewhat similar and if you say some words a certain way it can sound like they rhyme, but a couple of words have to actually rhyme, right? The closest she gets is “store” and “dough.”

Numerous times throughout the song 2 Chainz says “Let’s make a sex tape and put it on Netflix.” 

Questions about this lyric:

  • Is he talking to Fergie?
  • Will this be on Netflix Instant or are we supposed to pay the extra $7 and wait for it to come in the mail
  • Would 2 Chainz be upset if I waited until I finished watching Parenthood before I watched his tape? I’m pretty deep into Season Three right now.
  • Has 2 Chainz ever seen Parenthood?
  • Why wasn’t Mustard on the beat?
  • Why hasn’t 2 Chainz seen Parenthood?
  • Has anyone seen Greenberg? It was recently been added to Netflix Instant and I’m debating watching it. I like Ben Stiller, but it just doesn’t look that interesting to me.
  • Does 2 Chainz think he could make it six episodes of Parenthood without crying once? If he does he has another thing coming. If he could make it through season one without shedding a tear I would gladly tell everyone I know that he is the greatest rapper of all time. 

-Jonny Auping

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