The Trendy Tourney: Late August Edition

Here at Stories For Sunday we like to think that we constantly have our fingers on the pulse of what’s fresh and popular in American culture (that’s why I’ve written so many articles about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). But any website can just randomly talk about new fads. We’re better than all of those websites because we plan to tell you what the trendiest thing is at this particular moment. 

And so I created this 16-team bracket that will be completed over the following week. The seeding was done in a very unscientific way; basically I just made a list and seeded them based on who I thought might be considered the favorites in my initial glance. 

Your voice can help determine who wins this tournament. Feel free to email me at or tweet mean things to me @JonathanAuping. The winner of each matchup will be determined by a combination of your input, my general preference, consultation with SFS co-founder Clark Williams and the amount of times these things show up on my Twitter or Facebook newsfeeds. 

Without further ado, here is the the 16-team tournament:

[1-Seed] Vines


[16-Seed] Snapchat 

We’ve reached a point where Vines have become so huge that ‘Vining and Driving’ has become a legitimate issue. 

If this were four months ago Snapchat would surely warrant a top-4 seeding, but heading into September, Snapchat just isn’t as trendy as it was at the end of Spring. The reason it made the list in the first place is because this is the first back-to-school session that will prominently feature SnapChat. Do you know how many college freshman are going to Snapchat those one or two kids they already know from orientation? A ton, that’s how many. 


[2-seed] Breaking Bad



[15-seed] Saying “YOLO” Ironically 

Remember last year when people used to say “YOLO” when they were actually doing something fun or spontaneous? Now people just say it after they or someone else announces they are about to do something boring, like say, binge watch Breaking Bad. Speaking of Breaking Bad, this is really a tough draw for Saying “YOLO” Ironically.  


[3-Seed] Emojis 


[14-seed] Pretending There isn’t a Huge Conflict in Syria

Emojis, they’re so hot right now…Emojis.

You know what’s not hot? All this tension in Syria. Am I right? #Politics 


[4-seed] CrossFit


[13-seed] Doritos Locos Cool Ranch Tacos

A showdown between two things that will yield very different results to your body. 


[5-seed] Lists on the Internet


[12-seed] Jadeveon Clowney 

My feelings on Lists on the Internet are well-documented. But to be fair, they pretty much dominate Facebook and Social Media. 

Speaking of dominating, Jadeveon Clowney did this.


[6-seed] Hating on Miley Cyrus



[11-seed] Johnny Football

They both effed up in your opinion…Neither cares what you think. 

You can find the most interesting take on the Miley performance here

You can find my email exchange with Johnny Football here


[7-seed] Anna Kendrick


[10-seed] Duck Dynasty 

Perhaps the most intriguing matchup of the first round. Kendrick’s movie, Pitch Perfect, shocked the world by becoming one of the hardest movies to turn off when it’s on TV, joining the ranks of movies like Shawshank Redemption and The Mummy Returns. Plus, she has a hit song. 

But on the other hand, I think we’ve all said we were going to do something…and then four episodes of Duck Dynasty later, that task is moved to tomorrow’s agenda. 


[8-seed] Molly


[9-seed] Not Knowing What the Hell to Do When Someone Adds You on Google +

When I was growing up we called it X. Ever since rappers (and Miley Cyrus) recently realized the word “Molly” rhymes with a ton of stuff, the drug has made a pretty big comeback.

Also, ever since Google merged all their products and email accounts into one big social media machine, I keep getting emails that someone added me on Google +. My thought process is: “What does that mean? Do I have to talk to this person? I don’t like/know this person. Does this make me a ‘career man?'”


That is round one of the Trendy Tournament. The results will be posted early next week.

Jonny Auping

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