The Trendy Tourney: The Final Four

The Trendy Tourney is a 16-seed tournament of all things trendy created in order to determine what is the biggest fad of the moment.

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We started with 16 trends. Only the four remain. The four trendiest fads of this moment in time. If you’re not up to date with these four things than you’re just really out of touch. You can’t go near social media without hearing about one of them. And now they square off against each other for a shot at the championship of the Trendy Tourney. High stakes, high drama stuff right here. 

Without further ado, here is who will be advancing to the championship matchup:

[5-seed] Lists on the Internet defeats [8-seed] Molly

Molly really had a historic run in this tournament. Their David Vs. Goliath-takedown of Number one-seeded Vines will not soon be forgotten. But eventually Molly wears off just when you realize that you are no longer at a rave party, but the back alley of a Chili’s Restaurant. 

And the trendy appeal of Molly wears off as well. The biggest problem going against it is that way more people talk about Molly than actually use it. The nickname caught on and now everyone thinks it’s the coolest drug on the market. But kids, drugs aren’t cool. If you’re going to waste your life away do it through Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Twitter and fast food like responsible people. 

Lists on the Internet aren’t going anywhere. Did you know there are 31 Ways that Rugrats Apply to Post Grad Life? Well, there aren’t. But I guarantee some lazy writer will think of 31 bullshit connections that will make you feel nostalgic enough to post it on Facebook. 

Lists on the Internet are an epidemic. And they are spreading fast. 

[2-seed] Breaking Bad defeats [3-seed] Emojis 

Two powerhouse trends. Only one could win. Breaking Bad came out victorious because emojis are just something people use, Breaking Bad is something people talk about. No one goes to work and says, “did you see that emoji I used yesterday?” People do say “Oh my God, I can’t believe Walt ******** and then Jesse actually ***********.” (I blanked out actual details because people lose their mind with irrational jealous rage when the slightest Breaking Bad plot line is spoiled for them). 

Breaking Bad  was just destined to make the championship just like Badger was destined to be the best storyteller in TV history

Emojis made it along way, but their journey ends here…..Feeling Sad.

So the championship matchup will feature:

[2-seed] Breaking Bad


[5-seed] Lists on the Internet

The champion will be crowned Wednesday. Your opinion will be factored in by reaching me at or @JonathanAuping

Jonny Auping

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