Girl Facts Vs. Guy Codes: The Dumbest Twitter War Ever

frat bros

Sometimes Twitter is dumb. 

Just kidding, Twitter is always dumb. But we’re all addicted to it so let’s talk about two twitter accounts in particular. Those two accounts are “Girl Facts” and “Guy Codes.” They’re basically the Entourage and Sex in the City of Twitter accounts. Being a casual fan of the shows is no big deal. However, if you’re a guy under the impression that Entourage is the best show of all time then you probably have much less success with women than the characters on the show. If you’re a girl who takes Carrie Bradshaw’s advice completely to heart, then you probably spend a lot of time posting Facebook statuses with not-so-subtle hashtags about your ex-boyfriend. 

Likewise, if someone you follow happens to retweet either of these accounts and you happen to chuckle or nod your head in agreement then there might not be something wrong with you. But if you follow either of these accounts and regularly favorite or retweet them then it’s probably time to reevaluate some things. 

If you’ve never come across either of these accounts, they basically offer rapid tweets that are only supposed to be applicable to one sex. “Girl Facts” spends a lot of time threatening to leave some hypothetical boyfriend who doesn’t appreciate what he has and “Guy Codes” is basically like a misogynistic bro who thinks it’s a lot cooler to tweet about beer than it is to casually drink it with friends (of both sexes). 

Anyway, I thought it would be really fun to watch these two accounts argue with each other. Unfortunately, that has never happened so I just went through the past day or two of their tweets and created a fake argument. The following is the result:



Both of these are significantly unreasonable statements. Look, I can keep you interested in the conversation, but eventually I’m going to have shit to do. Parenthood isn’t going to watch itself. That doesn’t mean you have to be so rude about it though, GuyCodes. 



“Girl Facts” tweeted that two hours after “Guy Codes” made fun of girls. Don’t even try to tell me that wasn’t a direct response.



2 Chainz:

Na, your Internet isn’t tripping, 2 Chainz. Shorts with pockets are greater than shorts without pockets. “Guy Codes” is just being honest. Maybe these two actually have a chance of making it together. 



Or maybe not. They just aren’t on the same page. Also, how are there nearly 2,000 combined people arrogant enough to retweet either of these?




And the winner of the argument is….Topanga. I have no idea what she is referring to, but she managed to type the only somewhat intelligent tweet in this entire post. Congratulations, Topanga. By the way, you still haven’t followed me back

Jonny Auping. 

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