Which Parks and Recreation Character Are You?

parks and rec

We all love those quizes on the Internet that help determine which character from TV sitcoms most closely represents us. They are a fun way to interact with our favorite shows. They’re just flat out addicting and irresistible. 

So I decided to create one myself for my current favorite comedy on TV: Parks and Recreation. Will you be Leslie? What about Tom Havorford? Are you a lovable nerd like Ben? Or maybe a wildcard like April or a goof like Andy…There are so many possibilities. 

The quizes that most websites use ask the participant a bunch of random, unrelated questions and using an algorithm, they take the combination of your answers to show you which character you are. 

Unfortunately, here at Stories For Sunday we don’t have access to the same technology as sites like Buzzfeed  so instead of allowing you to click on each answer we have a different system. I have assigned a numerical value to each answer for you to write down and you will have to do the slightest bit of math at the end. You simply add all your numbers together and I have developed a system that will determine which character you are depending on where your range of numbers falls.

Without further ado here are your eight questions and your character will be revealed at the end:

*Remember to write down the number next to each of your answers in order to find out your character. 

What is your favorite kind of music?


1. Country

2. Classical 

3. Hip Hop

4. Pop

5. Rock

6. Jazz

What’s your favorite sport to watch?


1. Soccer

2. Football

3. Baseball

4. Basketball

5. Tennis

6. I don’t like sports

What country do you most want to travel to?


1. Spain

2. France

3. Mexico 

4. Australia 

5. Japan

6. You won’t catch me leaving the US of A.

What type of food do you like most:


1.) Hamburger

2.) Hot Dog

3.) Taco

4.) Pizza

5.) Sandwich

6.) Pasta

What’s your favorite kind of soda?


1. Coca-Cola

2. 7-Up

3. Root Beer 

4. Mountain Dew

5. Dr. Pepper

6. Sprite

What’s your favorite meal of the day?


1. Breakfast

2. Lunch 

3. Brunch

4. Dinner

5. I eat 5 small meals a day

6. Midnight snack

What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

rainy day

1. Catch up on paper work 

2. Come up with a new business idea

3. Watch movies

4. Read a book

5. Do home exercises 

6. Rain doesn’t stop me from interacting with nature

What’s your favorite decade?


1. Roaring Twenties

2. Free Love Sixties

3. Disco Seventies 

4. Reagan Eighties 

5. Grunge Nineties 

6. I live in the present 


Alright, have you kept track of all your answers?

It’s time to find out which Parks and Recreation character you are….

…we have determined that you are……………..




After running the numbers we came to the conclusion that none of the other characters on Parks and Recreation would take a quiz to determine which character they are in a TV sitcom. Furthermore, most of these questions are completely arbitrary in just about every sense that one would need to relate to this show and thus Jerry is the only character who would continue taking this quiz all the way to its conclusion.

Thanks for participating in our first ever quiz!

By the way, if you were wondering which New Girl character you are, it’s not Jess.

-Jonny Auping 

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